The first authorized 3D action mobile game "Katekyo HITMAN REBORN!" is based on the original animation "REBORN!". The growth story of Tsunayoshi Sawada, 10th generation boss candidate of the Vongola Family, will be presented in this game again. You can expand the power of your family and combine skills at will to deliver an exciting battle experience such as PVP Battle, Story Mode, Arena, Boss Guild, Adventure Mode and so on! Let's enjoy playing with the main characters of every chapter in the game.

Developer Plan B Media Public Company Limited

Available Items:

Razer Gold 20
Razer Gold 50
Razer Gold 100
Razer Gold 150
Razer Gold 250
Razer Gold 300
Razer Gold 500
Razer Gold 1000
Razer Gold 2000

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