FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite!



Garena "FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite!", a turn-based RPG, brings you to the magical Earth Land. Authorized by Kodansha, the game full of classic FAIRY TAIL comic content is here to recreate the strongest guild "FAIRY TAIL"! You can fight together with the strongest team!

Platforms Mobile

Available Items:

10 Shells
20 Shells
50 Shells
100 Shells
200 Shells
300 Shells
500 Shells
1000 Shells

   How to Top-Up

Garena had a system upgrade. Because of it, the top-up process in Gamer is affected. To successfully top-up your purchased EPIN, please follow steps below:

  1. Click Top-up tab.
  2. Click GarenaPPC (not Gamer icon).
  3. Input the password/EPIN in the textbox (card number is no longer required).
Please see the screenshot below for your reference.