Call of Duty: Mobile



5v5 Team Deathmatch,100-man Battle Royale, Epic weapons and vehicles. We got it all. Stop waiting, Start shooting

Developer TiMi Studios
Platforms iOS, Adroid

Available Items:

10 Shells
20 Shells
50 Shells
100 Shells
200 Shells
300 Shells
500 Shells
1000 Shells

   How to Top-Up

Garena had a system upgrade. Because of it, the top-up process in Gamer is affected. To successfully top-up your purchased EPIN, please follow steps below:

  1. Click Top-up tab.
  2. Click GarenaPPC (not Gamer icon).
  3. Input the password/EPIN in the textbox (card number is no longer required).
Please see the screenshot below for your reference.